Simplicity and Complexity [copy link]
release time:2014-06-24     
Simplicity and complexity are two words with strong contrast that have interrelated connotations. To make things complex, one needs to have countless experiences; yet to make things simple, one needs to lift up from quantitative change to qualitative change. Buddhist has the saying about living the life and larger than life. Yet how can one be larger than life without first living the life? Therefore we need to have complexity first before reaching simplicity. In Kongfu, there is the saying about lifting heavy stuff as if it were light. Yet how can the lifting appear to be simple if one does not have the enormous strength to hold heavy things? Therefore simplicity is the distillation of complexity. It is hard for us to achieve complexity in designing, but it is even harder to achieve immaculate simplicity. It is the process of distillation and sublimation, and such process can be summed up in four words: complexity in,simplicity out.

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